I specialize in infant sleep services uniquely tailored to meet the needs of moms dealing with postpartum mood disorders.
Poor infant sleep is a major source of postpartum anxiety.
Poor parental sleep is a major source of postpartum depression and rage.
Mommas dealing with postpartum anxiety, depression, rage or PTSD may find it even more difficult to get their baby into a good routine for feeding and sleeping and often struggle to follow through with goals for sleep training.
Once the baby is finally sleeping well, many mommas still experience significant insomnia.
I am here to help mommas and their babies get better sleep. If you want support to feel well-rested, confident, and renewed in your identity as a mom, contact me to learn about my in-home and virtual services!


Customizable Sleep Consulting Packages

Fully customizable packages to meet your unique needs.
All packages include:
– Assessment and Goal Setting Session (In-home or virtual)
– Personalized Daily Schedule and detailed Sleep Training Plan
– Follow-up video call and text message support
Extra follow-up calls, additional week(s) of text message support, and in-person intensive support for naps and/or nighttime are available as needed.


Intensive Naptime and/or Bedtime Support

One-on-one support to assist in implementing your sleep training goals for nap times AND/OR One-on-one nighttime support in implementing your sleep training goals. Can be scheduled for just bedtime or up to an entire overnight shift to assist with all nighttime wakings.


Pre-Delivery Consultations


One-on-one meeting(s) to help you develop a detailed plan to support healthy sleep habits and optimal mental well-being during the postpartum period. Includes education on healthy sleep conditioning and safe sleep practices, product recommendations, and referrals for local resources and other professionals you may wish to connect with after the baby comes (e.g. support groups, IBCLC, therapist, psychiatrist, etc.)