Telehealth FAQs

What is Telehealth?

For my practice, telehealth refers to telemental health, or online therapy. I provide therapy services virtually using a HIPAA-compliant video platform. The ethical and legal standards for clinical practice do not change with telehealth delivery and all of the treatment modalities I use either require no change or can be adapted to do virtually.


Are Telehealth sessions secure and confidential?

Yes, the platform and video technology I use is HIPAA-compliant and telehealth sessions are never recorded, stored, or shared. No matter where I am, I always conduct my sessions in a private room with a closed door.


Will insurance or EAPs cover Telehealth sessions?

Yes, it should. Colorado has a telehealth parity law requiring health insurance providers to reimburse telehealth services if the policy currently reimburses that same service on-site. However, as always it is best to verify the exact coverage and costs of your specific plan directly with your insurance company.


Do you have additional training in providing therapy virtually?

Yes! I was already an expert telemental health clinician – recognized by the TeleMental Health Training Certificate (THTC) from Telehealth Certification Institute – and providing regular telehealth sessions for some clients prior to COVID. After the pandemic shifted my entire practice to being online, I have received the following additional trainings:

  • Telehealth Clinical Best Practices for COVID-19, Telebehavioral Health Institute
  • Using EMDR Therapy in a Telehealth Format, Trauma Specialists of Maryland
  • Guidelines for a Safe, Ethical, and Contained Online EMDR Practice, Trauma Focused Counselling
  • Teletherapy for Perinatal Mental Health, Postpartum Support International


Where is the best place to do a virtual session?

While I embrace the reality that pets, children, internet or technology failures, etc. may disrupt sessions on occasion, the ideal location for a video session is:

  • Private
  • Quiet
  • Free of distractions
  • Has a strong internet connection (or good cell service if using data)
  • Has decent lighting


What if I’m worried about privacy?

Whether you are at home where *everybody else* is home, or are fitting your appointment in on a break at work, there is usually a solution to creating a private space. Some of my clients will use white noise apps or turn on some music in the room they are in but use headphones for their session audio. Others have found it works well to sit in their car for sessions (possibly driving somewhere else first), and some like to find a place outside.