Hi, my name is Tara.


I specialize in promoting emotional and relational wellness by addressing concerns about depression, anxiety, and other issues resulting from trauma.

I am a naturally intuitive and empathetic person, so part of who I am as a therapist is genuinely enjoying listening to people talk about their lives. I create space for you to explore your feelings (snarkiness and self-deprecating humor is welcome), and I help you make sense of your experiences and start to see and understand yourself from a more compassionate perspective.

I am also a nerd who loves neuroscience, and so another part of who I am as a therapist is helping you understand how your brain works and the how and why of what we’re doing in therapy. I will totally throw around words like “adaptive information processing” and “implicit memory circuits” and I’ll send you whichever resources help you most in understanding yourself and reaching your goals – whether it’s an article, a book chapter, a worksheet, or a collection of memes.

The most important part of who I am as a therapist is believing that therapy doesn’t just have to be a place where you learn how to “deal with” mental health problems, but that for those who are ready, therapy can provide real healing. Using IFS-Informed EMDR, I help clients “reconsolidate” traumatic experiences – overwriting the memory at the synaptic level and eliminating the associated psychological symptoms –  which means that you can experience transformational and lasting change by rewiring your brain.


If you want to renew your life, then I’m here to help you renew your mind.

Please reach out today if you would like to learn more about how therapy may be able to help you on the path to a renewed life!

Email me at tara@renewpandc.com

Text me at (678)920-8358

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